On the course
Golf shirts, with collars or roll necks are acceptable. Gentlemen must wear shirts tucked inside waistband. Ladies may wear shirts outside trousers/shorts/skirts if these are specifically designed to be worn in such fashion. Rugby/Football style shirts may not be worn.
Trousers and tailored golf shorts are considered appropriate attire. Beach shorts, Bermuda shorts, Denim shorts and “cargo” style trousers/shorts with deep side patch pocks are not permitted.
Socks must be worn at all times. All recognisable sports socks (except football style) are allowed. Caps must be worn with peaks forward.
Golf shoes only are permitted. All other types, including trainers, are not allowed.

In the Clubhouse
Acceptable informal smart casual attire is allowed in the main Club rooms. Smart jeans are acceptable.
Muddied/wet clothing, tee shirts, coats, golf caps, non-golf shorts/cargo pants, waterproofs or track suits are not permitted.
Golf shoes (including non-pimple golf shoes), flip-flops and trainer-type shoes are not allowed.
Golfers are required to change out of waterproofs/wet golf clothing before entering the public areas of the clubhouse.